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HP OfficeJet J4680

A review of the J4680:

All the features I'd want.
Supports the Mac completely: scanning, printing, the works.
It's a network printer - that's how it works over WiFi; incredible value to get a network printer for this money!
Perfect, when it works.

But it doesn't work. Mechanically, it won't pick up paper half the time. It crashes. It starts to print, stops and dies. It stops recognising colour cartridges. It loses WiFi connectivity. It won't switch off, needing an unplug from the wall.

I've had the printer for over a year and have only needed to print a couple of hundred pages in that whole time - yet it's been so painful and awkward to get anything done that I simply don't care any more.

I'm going to write off the cost of the printer and get something better. But what? Perhaps another HP, since if it worked this would be a great printer. Perhaps I just need to speed the right amount of money.
A Lexmark has been perfectly reliable for several years now (is it five years?), but doesn't support the Mac at all - not a thing, not even to print text.

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